About Me

aboutLuxury is a classy form of art. A balance between modern and traditional couture. Luxury is a way to elevate and revive your entire being. A way to express and inspire lives.

Hello there! I am Saumya Gattani, Founder and Creative Mind at Plush Rush Luxury.

A Fashion enthusiast since childhood, I have always been enamored by the craft of style and glamour. It was my admiration that provided the route to pursue Bachelor’s in Fashion Marketing and Branding from the London College of Fashion and the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Singapore, where I learnt the science of fashion. Walking on this line, I have also bagged the opportunity to work with GQ and the designer duo Shantanu & Nikhil.

My attraction towards the opulent, towards the rare, the eccentric, the elusive branded creations turned into my biggest passion in life and led to the dawn of Plush Rush Luxury, a place where art, class, excellence, and luxury collide. A platform where I feed my curiosity to discover a novel outlook on luxurious fashion and lifestyle.

Through Plush Rush Luxury, I celebrate my individuality and connect with the avant-garde art. By creating styles and curating content, I dream to inspire every luxury admirer to indulge in the grandeur of luxury. As I row the boat and forward my creative journey, I will reveal the brilliance that luxury denotes. Through my blogs, I will impart fashion, beauty, and lifestyle tips. Encapsulating the real definition of a luxe life, I will share a slice of my travel excursions and spill some beans on the latest tech gadgets.

I invite you to come and walk with me on this journey of unfolding and embracing the new face and multiple facets of the luxury lifestyle. Let us voyage towards the exotic, fascinating and engaging world of fashion, beauty, travel, and tech, together. Let us cast the light of luxury onto our lives.

Feel luxurious, always.