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“Be picky with your clothes, friends and time”. I haven’t read a quote that defines luxury better than this. Luxury is often affiliated with jewellery, handbags, watches, etcetera. Well, of course, I don’t deny this. Luxury does include these items. But apart from that, luxury is also inclusive of travel, hotels, food, electronics, clothes, the experiences and the sensations you have along with it, which are worth remembering.

Luxury travel

The word luxury itself increases people’s expectations and trust you me, people expect the best. As you know, it is always “different strokes different folks”! This holds true in the world of luxury as well. Luxury per se has a unique impact and influence on each individual, depending entirely on his or her personal choice, taste, upbringing, and personality. For an avid luxury traveler, it could be staying in the best properties across the world, be it staying near the ocean or waking up in satin sheets to a mind-blowing sunrise. For a complete luxury food epicure, it could be discovering new and enticing cuisines at the most exotic places. Like a fruit mocktail at the beach served with a platter of mouth-watering starters sounds like a “luxury travel” to me, while maybe a hot-water aromatic bath could sound like a “luxury travel” to an enthusiastic yet exhausted traveler! To each his own!

luxury life

For me, luxury stands for anything that exceeds my expectations and supersedes the normal details and of course, pleases all my senses. It’s the touch and the feel of soft linens or a plush robe. It’s the taste of fresh herbs and ingredients, or the sound of my favourite music along with the smell of my favourite flowers. Anything that pleases my heart utmost or pampers me silly is what I call luxury!

 luxury travel experiences

I can recall the best luxury travel experiences that I have had. I went for a holiday to Koh Samui with my friends. We stayed at this beautiful resort with my room having an ocean view along with a sunbed in the balcony. Waking up to the beautiful view every day just made my day without doing anything else. Sipping on a cocktail and laughing hard with my friends in all happiness and glory. With the sun setting at the right moment, ah! Everything, every moment was an absolute delight and that is exactly what luxury is to me. I honestly feel one should decide what kind of life he or she really wants and then say no to everything that isn’t even close to that. You’ll end up exactly where you need to be in your own little luxury world.

luxury world

Plush Rush Luxury is my way to share with you many such exciting, enthralling travel experiences and snippets from my life. Through my blogs, I want you to wend your way with me on the path to Nirvana (another name for luxury in my vocabulary!). I shall be putting-up all my favourite products, gadgets and travel moments that I absolutely recommend one must splurge in. I shall also be sharing three very important aspects of my life that are fashion, beauty, and tech with all the details and reviews.

Hope you enjoy reading my blogs as much I enjoy living them and writing them!

Good vibes to all!

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