Luxury Fashion

Embracing the Art of Luxury Fashion

“The difference between fashion and art is that fashion is art in movement.” – Carolina Herrera

Fashion for me is an expression of self-love, a celebration of individuality. It is a medium to exhibit my spirit, my creativity. It is my dwelling forever.

Fashion has been deep-rooted in my lifestyle from early on. I have been enamored by the fashion industry since the time I understood what it was, vaguely. As an eight-year-old, I always watched my mom putting her liner & mascara and fussing around with her drapes to get the perfect look! When alone, I would don my mom’s saree and try out the various MAC & Bobby Brown lip-sticks she possessed. To top everything, I would wear my mom’s heels to get that glamorous look! Doing all this gave me tremendous pleasure. Not only that, as I entered my teens, my area of interest on TV would always be watching fashion shows and listening to the brand owners about their latest creations. My reading consisted of fashion magazines like GQ, Vogue, or Hello. Being an ardent observer of what is trending, what is stylish, has been the biggest propeller for me to incline towards this fascinating industry.

Luxury Fashion

My proclivity towards fashion impelled me to learn the science behind it. Hence, I pursued my education in the arena of Fashion Marketing and Branding from Singapore. Now after quite a few internships in the fashion world, I’ve come to the conclusion that what you wear is how you represent yourself to the world. Especially at this time, when vanity plays a vital role in our looks and clothes.

Luxury clothes

I believe that our sense of style and taste in fashion reflect our personality. To stand out from the crowd, having an original style is an essential element. I have a very understated style sense. Finding comfort in luxury is something that I prefer. Ergo, blue jeans and a white t-shirt, along with a pair of nice slippers that go a long way, is my go-to choice. I think one should really analyze their own personality in order to find their style statement. In today’s world dressing according to the occasion is utterly important. People answer to how you dress first, and second to what you say. Therefore my understated style is limited to when I meet my friends or when I’m chilling on my couch. For meetings or parties, I dress according to the venue, the occasion, who I’ll be meeting and of course, my mood does come into play.

Luxury Style
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Just like any other art form, fashion is also a play of creativity and information. Know-hows of the latest trends, the upcoming collection of brands, the icons of the vogue world, etcetera holds a major part in indulging in the ever-evolving scape of fashion. That is what Plush Rush Luxury is all about. My own little start-up, where I let my passion take-over logic. It’s a platform that will satiate your curiosity to know the ins and outs of luxury fashion. A place where all you fashion admirers can get an insight into the world of fashion and my favourite aspects of the luxury world. I shall be sharing some of my personal experiences, my reviews of luxury products, few trends that are worth a shot, where I shop and what I recommend and just my everyday life which is most often than not, invaded by fashion in a big way.

So, welcome to my world of madness and extravaganza. Let us together raise a toast to this new beginning of discovering a different side of a luxury lifestyle. And before I sign-off, I would like to end this with two helpful tips on fashion, since this blog is all about it. Number one, keep it simple and let your personality shine out and number two, when in doubt, let a statement piece bring-out the charm.

Good vibes to you all!

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