The Perfume Is What They Remember

A perfume must create a symphony and tell a tale of the seas, the skies, the waves.

There is something magical and special about perfumes. It makes you forget the world and transports you to another space where everything is fresh, dewy and full of love. Isn’t that a place we all women want to live in? A place having a dreamy fragrance that takes away the blues and brings-in a rosy essence.

Wearing perfume is religion. Your fragrance is a memory you leave for people. Moreover, the perfume you wear reflects a part of your personality. Ergo, choosing the right scent is very crucial. But at times, picking your kind of perfume is hard. Well, not anymore! I have come up with a catalogue of some selected women perfumes. These perfumes have been the best over the years. I’ve written down a small review for each of them, so that all you perfume lovers out there can get some info before making the splurge.

Dior – Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet

miss dior perfume
Source: Dior

Want to get hold of spring in a bottle? Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet captures this essence beautifully. It is extremely soft and floral and smells of pink roses, peonies, bergamot, and musk. This fragrance is a classic and can be worn by women of all ages. A little squish of this will last you through the day and is sure to bag you a lot of compliments when your friends get a whiff of it. It is one of the best ladies’ perfumes in my opinion.

Lancome – La Vie Est Belle Eau de Parfum

la vie est belle perfume
Source: Lancome

La Vie Est Belle is a French expression for “Life is Beautiful. This perfume really makes life beautiful once you wear it. If the super Lancome x Julia Roberts advertisement was not enough to convince, then you need to try this perfume in order to understand how blissful it is. Nevertheless, let me explain why it’s a best-seller. The sweet, pleasant scent has notes of vanilla and tonka bean mixed with fresh fruit scents, giving the fragrance a lightness that makes it wearable for everyday. A must own fragrance to catch Lancome at its best.

Burberry – My Burberry Blush

burberry perfume
Source: Burberry

This perfume smells good enough to eat, seriously. The green apple, lemon, rose, and pomegranate notes give it a heavenly freshness, whilst the flowery notes of jasmine and wisteria make it a very earthy scent and give it longevity. This is my everyday perfume and I definitely can’t go a day without applying it.

Tiffany & Co. – Eau de Parfum

When you talk about Tiffany & Co’s Eau de Parfum, the first thing that comes to your mind is sparkling diamonds. Well because this perfume is exactly inspired by Tiffany diamonds. You can almost smell the sparkle in this dreamy scent. The exotic top notes of crisp mandarin followed by freshly cut iris and finishing with the trail of patchouli and musk, this perfume is a delight and exactly what you’d expect Tiffany & Co to smell like. Divine!

Marc Jacobs Fragrances – Daisy Eau So Fresh

‘Daisy,’ is everyone’s favorite for a reason. It is young, fresh, and will make you smell like a meadow in a full-bloom spring. This one from the Marc Jacobs Fragrances is amazing for daily wear or the times you want to smell extra feminine. The fragrance emphasizes not only on the floral notes but also on a medley of fresh fruits. I highly recommend trying this one out, especially if you’re new to the perfume segment.

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