Paris Fashion Week

Paris Fashion Week – A Look Back at 2019 & A Look Forward to 2020

“Everyday is a fashion show and the world is your runway.”
Coco Chanel’s saying stands even more relevant during the Fashion Week. Every year, premises are set-up at the top fashion cities across the world like Paris, Milan, London, New York, Tokyo, etcetera, where industry’s top Fashion Designers get the opportunity to showcase their Fall and Spring Collections. These Fashion Weeks initiate a lot of growth within the industry. Trends set in, new & uptown fashion styles and icons become the talk of the town. Influencers, photographers, stylists, and fashion related people are all on their toes, waiting for something au courant, something exciting every year.

Source: Elle

Since the season of Fashion Weeks is going on, the atmosphere in the French capital is driving all high! As the Paris Fashion Week Fall 2020 is coming about, this fashion city is studded with full glamour. Wait, before we start fantasizing about the Paris Fashion Week 2020, we must, first, take a ride back to the wonderful 2019.

Last Year’s Paris Fashion Week was absolutely memorable. It displayed a different interpretation of the 70’s fashion. I don’t remember seeing anything quite like it before. It brought some unbelievably stunning trends like the Crochet Work, Ruffles with Bows, Hole Punches. Out of them all, the trend winner was the shift from shoulders to hips. Moreover, the cuts, the patterns, and different kinds of styles for hips, along with the exhilarating designs, pulled out by some of the world’s best brands like Sacai, LV, Givenchy, and many more, were quintessential, unpredictable, and so uptown and fresh!

With such a great 2019, I believe Paris Fashion Week 2020 is going to be even better, bigger, and majestic. It’s going to stick to the saying “go big or go home.” I don’t mean that the fashion pieces are going to be extravagant, but they are for sure going to be the best there has ever been and the best we have ever seen! I’m especially looking forward to these 3 specific brands- Stella McCartney, Louis Vuitton and Chanel.

Stella McCartney
Inspired by Fierce Women

Stella McCartney
Source : Elle

Stella McCartney is a brand that has shown varied hues throughout these years. The designer brand, besides having the most sustainable collection ever, is inspired by the fierce women of the world, be it in the past, present, or future. Stella understands the importance of women having to be fearless and this year at the Paris Fashion Week, her collection will depict the strong, the unbending side of women who have the strength and courage to conquer the world on their own terms. She is truly working hard towards sustainable fashion, since that is the way forward in the industry. I’m super excited to see how she takes us in the world of Stella this time!

Louis Vuitton
A New Kind of Dandyism

Louis Vuitton
Source : crfashionbook

Louis Vuitton’s Nicolas Ghesquière based his collection on the 70s for the Paris Fashion Week 2019. Furthermore, the collection was inspired by contemporary artist Sophie’s song “It’s okay to cry.” Simply put, it means that it’s okay for women or men to express-out-loud their emotions. This is something that some people or women, to be specific, have achieved and some still have to. The colorplay of emotions in his collections is something I truly and absolutely admire. I am looking forward to the new artistic wave the brand will put forth this year.

Inspiring & Bold Flashes of Red

Chanel is a stellar fashion brand and one of my top favorites. It’s fashion show at the last year’s Paris Fashion Week is the proof of a new era at Chanel. Despite that we miss Karl Lagerfeld everyday and his influence will persist for ages, Virginie Viard knows how to dress a modern and independent woman. Today’s woman is bold, can speak for herself and her clothes should speak for her too. Virginie has done a great job at expressing today’s woman through her clothes and styling. Keeping the classic black of Chanel alive with a hint of red is exactly what this brand needs. Hats off! Waiting for another hit by this fashion brand at the Paris Fashion Week 2020!

For me, Paris Fashion Week is a dream that every year turns out into such a fancy reality. Since, it is one of my favourite and most talked about fashion weeks, I thought about giving you all a detailed blog for it exclusively, regardless. I’m definitely looking forward to the Milan, London, and New York Fashion Weeks as well. So stay tuned to the gram to keep getting all the updates.

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