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ALEXA- A Smart Virtual Assistant Making Lives Easier

Technology, as we know, has seen a lot of advancements. From the air-like weighing laptops to smart TVs to your palm-friendly mobile phones to virtual assistant speakers; new-age, modern high-end technologies have invaded our lives, only to bring-in more convenience. But why am I going all talky about this?

virtual assistant

Well recently, I was just cleaning up my room and it was a general weekend like atmosphere. I would usually laze around in my pyjamas and chill while listening to good music. Lately, I have been giving it a lot of thought and doing quite a bit of research to buy a nice speaker. Alexa was the first name that popped up in my head and stayed till the very end. While surfing upon it, I was totally amazed by the fact that It’s not just a speaker, it’s so much more than that. It’s a smart virtual home assistant. It answers questions, controls smart home devices, plays music upon request, and keeps updating itself. An assistant that works on your command. Well, that’s interesting! So, as all-impressed I was, I recently purchased it and my experience with it is so good. I am so happy I bought it!

So Hey Guys, meet Alexa- a virtual assistant which comes with some stunning features that you never knew you needed until you realize how easier and simpler it makes your otherwise burdensome life. A voice assistant and the best smart speaker, Alexa is Amazon’s invention that is moving the world right now! Although it works much like Siri, it gives some really cool services that you would want to claim it, for all the good reasons. Wondering what exactly they are? Let me tell you.

Oh wait, Hey Alexa, play some groovy music while I write this!

What is Alexa?

Amazon’s virtual assistant- Alexa is an AI technology that works as a personal interaction device on any of your Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Plus, or any other Alexa-enabled widget. A digital assistant, it communicates on demand. It understands your needs and executes accordingly. This smart assistant has more than 3000 skills and it can perform things like playing music, setting alarms, giving you news, telling you the weather forecast, making calls, sending texts, and many such things that you cannot imagine. Moreover, it can be used as a home automation system. It can control your home security system and can control your smart devices at home as well. 

How Alexa Works?

Alexa runs on voice interactions. When you ask any question or give a command, the AI-driven Alexa answers and does the needful. The simple way of doing it is: Plug in the Echo device, download the Alexa app on your phone, and the two should be connected. Now, follow the step-by-step guide to connecting the Echo device to your home smart devices, you can then go about configuring it. This would require you to go to the settings and put-in an address for it to capture the localized information such as location, traffic, weather, etcetera. Now, to have it start working, your command or question must begin with, “Hey Alexa”, followed by what you need. It’s that simple!

How Alexa Works?

What Alexa – the smart virtual assistant can do?

Alexa is made for your personal convenience. This chatty smart speaker, with its extraordinary services, simplifies your everyday routine tasks. Once you integrate with a gadget and it sets itself up to provide a lavish, easier life. Out of a whole lot of skills that Alexa can perform, I am listing down a few of them that provide me a big aid in easing my life. 

1. Plays Music and Streams Podcasts

My favourite feature of Alexa is the music and audio playback. I just linked my Spotify account and was able to ask Alexa to play my favourite songs, artists, albums. Even the playlists work without fail. I can also listen to ted talks and stream podcasts.

2. Sets the Mood Right

Another useful feature is the ambient sounds like wind, water, and fireplace. I find them quite peaceful and when I would just want some peace, I usually just switch on the sound of water waves. It really sets the mood right. Alexa is a great device for you if you like to do meditation and yoga in your space with some soft music playing in the background.

3. Read with Alexa

I haven’t been much of a reader which is a really bad habit and I’m trying to improve but whilst the process Alexa has been helping me read books via kindle. This feature of Alexa is truly beyond amazing.

what is alexa?

4. Increase Your Productivity

Alexa has skills that can actually boost your productivity and develop your skills. What? Is a device capable of doing such a thing? Yes, it is true. You can learn new words each day by activating its ‘word of the day’ feature. It has another skill ‘five-minute workout’ that helps you to do intense physical exercise, making you stay fit. Cool right?

5. Supports Voice Calls and Messaging

A great skill that it comes with is that it is enabled to make phone calls and even send text messages. To make a call, all you need to do is: download the Alexa app on your mobile phone, tap on the speech button icon, and feed your number. Afterward, you will receive a verification text. Once verified, you are all set to make calls via Alexa. 

The list is never-ending. You can order food or order a ride, manage your calendar and schedule your day.  You can plan a trip and SO MUCH MORE! To be honest, it has definitely made my life really easy, since it sets my alarms, manages my to-do list, prepares a shopping list, and keeps a track of time if need be. It’s literally like having a digital robot with you at all times. You just have to know how to command it right and your work becomes 100 times easier. It’s functionality amazes me. I truly recommend this product. An impactful home assistant, Alexa really makes your place a better and easier place to live.

Well, that’s all for this month. Ending it with my tech blog as usual. Hope this helps!

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