Travel Beauty Essentials

Travel Beauty Essentials: A Packing Guide for Traveling with Care | Makeup & Skincare

If there’s one way I like to spend my leisure time, it’s traveling. I love everything about it. Discovering new places, new culture, new food, exploring the unexplored. It’s a completely incredible experience. Healing in all ways! Every year I make it a point to head to a new travel destination, towards my land of wanderlust. With dreams in my eyes, I get on my journey to bring to light an uncovered place. 

Lately, I have been planning for my summer vacation and packing has been on my mind. I am constantly thinking about what to take and what not to take. Packing can be such a pain sometimes, especially when there are 100 to 1000 choices. More specifically, I always get lost when it comes to backpacking travel beauty essentials. It’s super hard to decide and narrow down the favorite and essential skincare and beauty products. I guess it happens with everyone. While packing for travel we decide on our travel wardrobe picks, clothes, shoes, hats, accessories. Amidst all this, we pay less heed to pack travel beauty essentials. So here is a packing guide for you, that will surely help to pack better and travel lighter and at the same time not compromise on beauty.

Travel Beauty Essentials

Travel Beauty Essentials You Must Not Travel Without
Carry SPF Foundation

If you’re traveling to sunny destinations or beaches or generally anywhere, carrying an SPF foundation is a must. It helps in keeping your skin protected from the harmful UV rays. Moreover, it also works in keeping the skin non-oily and moist. So while packing the travel stuff, take with you a light-weight SPF foundation that you can wear all around. 

Carry SPF Lip Balm

Lip Balm

When we think about skincare, we usually forget about our lips. Taking care of your lips is always important. While traveling it becomes a necessity which you must not ignore cuz, who likes to have chapped lips, right? So, protect your lips from sun rays and moisturize them with an SPF lip balm. Keep them hydrated and plumpy all the time!

Don’t Forget SunScreen

Packing sunscreen doesn’t come as an option. This is a product your beauty bag is absolutely incomplete without. No matter where you go, you do not want to be sunburned. Hence, don’t forget to take sunscreen on your trip with you. Prep your skin with it before you do makeup and get ready to head out. It helps with pigmentation and keeps your skin glowing and dewy. Also, don’t forget to pack sunscreen for your body too. It will prepare your skin to tackle all the damage from heat or harsh sun rays that you are gonna face while traveling. So, while you will be all out and about having fun, sunscreen will do its magic!

Pack Different Lip Shades

Lip Shades

Can a girl have fun without having worn lipstick? If you ask me, not at all! When you are on a trip, you can have some impromptu and some set plans, right? Your partner might plan for a romantic dinner or you can have a shopping outing with your friends. Whatever your plans are, admit it, you cannot do any of it without lipstick! So pack your favorite lipsticks that you think will uplift all your looks. And yes, ‘lipsticks’! It’s always nice to have some versatility but you need to be smart and not overpack. So pack 2 lip colors- one could be a neutral lip color which would go with every outfit and one could be a bright color just to pop it up when you feel like it. Just in case you have some extra space put in a gloss, it helps and it goes with everything as well.

Carry Blush, Bronzer & Mascara

Another must-have travel makeup essentials are blush and bronzer. I love multipurpose sets, so I usually like to carry a blush and a bronzer in a single set. I like my cheeks to be red and blushed. It makes me feel confident and bronzer is something I use when I want to go all out. I also use it as an eye shadow since carrying too much isn’t possible while traveling.


Who doesn’t want to look their best when on vacation? So don’t forget to pack mascara as well. This is a beauty product that will make your eyes look beautiful without doing too much and will enhance the dull you instantly. If you’re going for a tropical vacation, I would suggest a waterproof mascara otherwise a normal one is perfectly fine. 

P.S., in case there’s any space left, I would recommend putting in a multipurpose makeup brush. If you’re struggling to put it in then don’t worry, your fingers will do just fine and keep the magic intact.

Skincare Travel Essentials- Pack’em all!

Skincare Travel Essentials

Traveling is fun but it’s exhausting as well. The tiring time you have on the flight, climate change, change in your diet, etcetera, can have an inverse effect on your skin health. So, in no case skip packing your skincare travel essentials, never! Keeping personal care as your priority, pack your cleanser, face wash, moisturizer, eye cream, and all things important. No matter where you are in the world, your CTM (Cleanser, Toner, Moisturizer) routine shouldn’t stop. I would recommend buying a travel size skincare set and keeping it separately, so whenever you have to travel you don’t have to worry about carrying it.

Your Favorite Perfume


Last but never the least, pack your favorite perfume bottle. You must leave your fragrance and sparkle wherever you go! So, a travel-size perfume bottle is a must-have in your carry bag at all times. It’s an unsaid beauty thing. You can’t afford to look beautiful and not smell nice. So this should be an absolute priority.

That’s all girls! Hope this list helps you in packing for your next big vacation. Happy Holidaying!

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